Essential Oil Pure Blends

A blend for every mood, emotion, and need... 

Essential oils can help you in a million ways every day! They are so adaptable: you can use them in the bath, in a room diffuser, for aromatherapy and even with jewellery.

I started developing these blends when I realised how much essential oils helped me restore calm and balance after my son was born. And now the Birthing Blend is my bestseller, a perfect choice for aromatherapy during labour, as well as before and after.

Whether you have young children or not, life brings challenges: a cold, exhaustion, anxiety. Or sometimes you just want your room to smell nice! These blends are developed using 100% pure grade therapeutic oil and are vegan and environmentally friendly. Each recipe is carefully designed to support you, whatever your emotion or need.

Pair with the jewellery or diffuser collections for a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one.