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Stolen Focus Aromatherapy Mist

I’m just in love with this new Stolen Focus spray (can’t wait to get the pure blend too). The smell is divine - the combination of sage, vetiver, juniper, frankincense and lemongrass really is pure scent alchemy - Sallyanne you are a scent magician! I think I especially love the juniper and lemongrass. They remind me of drinking gin in Thailandbut who wouldn’t love being reminded of a relaxing cocktail on a tropical holiday when you’re seeking some grounding and clarity. And I do feel that instant grounding when I inhale the spray. It’s a gentle reminder to take a breath and a minute for myself. Which is just what I need in a busy day of home-educating.

Mel B

Pot of Wonder

I’ve purchased this 3 times already for our daughter’s skin. From 2yrs old she’s suffered with sensitive around her face and legs and this stuff just works, she now 5 and we wouldn’t use anything else.

Face Spa Cleansing Balm

This is by far the best facial cleanser I have ever used. I really look forward to taking my make up off every night as it just glides off with no follow up stinging or dryness just a calm moisturised face. It’s fabulous and I want everyone to use it!

Elizabeth T

LOVE - Self Care Blend

I just adore the 'Love' blend - it is a very soothing and kind scent. I
recently used it for my 12 year old step daughter, who was suffering with
period cramps and feeling generally eurgh. Little bit on her temples, and some
to sniff on her wrists, and an hour later she declared a miracle.
Her birthday is coming up, and I'm going to give her her own bottle. Thank you!

Jo L

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