The Journey of Holistic Kitchen


The journey



Hi I'm Sallyanne, founder of Holistic Kitchen...

Inspired by working with essential oils as a holistic massage therapist, I felt drawn to create my own blends, balms, and skincare and create more of a natural environment for our children in our home.

I could not get enough of the natural raw ingredients available to us. It amazed me, how their magical natural benefits, beautiful scents had the ability to heal the mind and the body.

It was during my first pregnancy with my son Hunter, I started to take more of a holistic approach to what I was using on my skin. Shortly after my son was born he developed small patches of eczema on his skin and I had also experienced a bad case eczema on my hand during my pregnancy. This made me try and find the trigger that was causing our eczema. After lots of trial and error, it turned out to be the household cleaning products and skincare I was using.

I immediately stopped using all the household cleaning products like CIF and Fairy liquid. It was at this time I stared to experiment with making my own kitchen and bathroom cleaners using white vinegar, biacarb and essential oils and also my own massage balm (now called Little Pot of Wonder) which worked wonders on our eczema, which slowly cleared up, I was amazed!

During my second pregnancy with Luna, that I began to create essential oil blends and fell in love with making new gorgeous scents. I wanted to make blends and products suitable for me to use during my pregnancy too and now, those products, such as Magic Foo Mist, Birthing Blend, and Little Pot of Wonder are my best selling products!

Since having Juno, my third (and final) baby, in March 2018, Holistic Kitchen has enabled me to create a life for myself that I could have only dreamt of a few years before I had children as my small business has grown organically around my family. I have created over 30 products and the range is still growing.

I have felt called to raise awareness of how we can look after ourselves as a whole, through scent and self care. Life can be a lot at times, and inhaling essential oils has helped me through a whole loads of emotions, from anxiety, stress, burnout, anger and sadness to name a few. I receive so many messages from people saying how my essential oil blends and other products have helped them. This drives me to keep going, on the days I sometimes want to give up.

I never take things for granted and will always be so grateful to my loyal customers, family and friends who enjoy my products and supporting my journey. Thank you!