My Purpose

Welcome to Holistic Kitchen, where nurturing yourself is a joy, and your joy is my purpose.



My vision is simple yet meaningful: to nurture and inspire through my creations, bringing joy and love every time you use one of my products.


Hello, I'm Sallyanne...

For over a decade, my passion has grown alongside my family of three children, shaping Holistic Kitchen into what it is today. My artisan essential oil blends and skincare products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Using only the finest natural ingredients from ethical suppliers, each ingredient is carefully traced back to its source.

Scent plays a huge part in my creations because of its profound impact on our moods and emotions. Just as important as the natural benefits, creating the right scent perfect scent is an art I am very good at. When you use my products, you're investing in yourself—nurturing your well-being, skin, mind, and body. By choosing Holistic Kitchen, you're making a choice that makes your life on multiple levels.

A bit of history...

My journey began as a holistic massage therapist, where I witnessed the power of essential oils. Inspired by these experiences and driven by a desire to create products safe for my own children, I founded Holistic Kitchen. From tackling eczema with my  Pot of Wonder to award-nominated products like Magic Foo Mist and Skin Glow Face Elixirevery product tells a story of care and my dedication.

Holistic Kitchen has blossomed organically, fueled by my passion for blending essential oils with skincare that nurtures and protects. With over 40 products in my range, each one is designed to support you through the challenges of modern life and motherhood.

Self-care through scent...

This is more than a mantra—it's a philosophy rooted in aromachology, the psychology of scent's influence on mood and emotion. Whether boosting your mood or grounding your spirit, my blends and products offer holistic support for the complexities of daily life.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I hope you find as much joy in using my products as I find in creating them for you.

With love,



Wanna know a bit more about my life before Holistic Kitchen and children?? 

Well, I was definitely more of a wild child and now I know why! in 2023 I was diagnosed with ADHD!

Now I know that's the reason for wanting to do cool stuff and try new I followed my heart and taught myself those things I wanted to try.

So here are three of many things, that I just went and tried because I wanted to, and ended up really enjoying.

At the age of 27, I wanted to learn to breakdance and be a B-Girl for a bit, so I did. Yeah, I wasn't at Breakdance Championship level but still, entered a competition last minute at Leeds Uni, with a bunch of boys, called ourselves 'Last Minute Crew' and we won the battle!! I won a hat and a T-shirt. I still have the hat! (cheeky video here on Insta if you want to see)

If you know me you know I LOVE Drum and Bass, a lot. So when I got my student loan at 23, I bought some decks (oh I was so good with managing my money as a student 🤣) and taught myself to mix. And guess what, I'm now in my 40's and have just bought some more decks and have rekindled my love for mixing DnB. I have over 200 now 'old skool' DnB vinyl too!

I've always wanted to be my own girl boss. After my textile degree in 2005 (Which I actually didn't finish because I went travelling) I started making bespoke hoodies and t-shirts. I even made some and sold them in Cafe Mambo in Ibiza when I worked there for two months. I also made bespoke t-shirts for a bar in Birmingham and was asked by the owner of All Saints (at the time) if I wanted to work there as a graduate placement, making t-shirts for them. Unfortunately, I had to decline that but I always wondered what if I'd had said yes!!?

So just a teeny little bit about me and a little insight into my life before becoming a mama and creating Holistic Kitchen.

I can say I have had the BEST time doing as many things as I could and wanted to do. Never let anyone or anything get in the way of giving something a go. 

I was recently interviewed for a YouTube channel too. You can watch this interview HERE if you like. x