Holistic Kitchen - The Purpose

Welcome to Holistic Kitchen, where nurturing yourself is a joy, and your heart's joy is my ultimate purpose.



My vision is simple yet profound; to nurture and inspire you through my creations, to ignite warmth and love within your heart each time you use one of my products.

The process - scent alchemy straight from my heart

My true essence lies in the creation of these products. I take inspiration from my own personal desires and needs and the desires of others, and I transform these ideas into something truly extraordinary. 

My products are more than just essential oil blends and skincare; they are pieces of art, born from the depths of my soul. I am here to extend my heart to yours, sharing the beauty, inspiration, and love that reside within each creation I have made.

From my own life experiences

I have learnt that life can be so much better when we prioritise time to look after ourselves. My mission is to bring joy to your day, through the natural alchemy of my essential oil blends and skincare products. I feel driven to share the love-infused creations that have emerged from my own journey of self-nurturing over the past few years. 

My products stand as living proof of the love I have poured into Holistic Kitchen. Every product tells a story and each one has been purposefully crafted with love using my own intuitive process. I proudly defy convention, unapologetically challenging the 'rules' to create these products that stand apart in their uniqueness.


Hi I'm Sallyanne...

Mum of three and lover of Mother Earth, I founded Holistic Kitchen after witnessing the power of natural essential oils first as a holistic massage therapist and then as a mother. 


As a massage therapist I couldn’t get enough of these magical oils and how their natural raw ingredients and beautiful scents had the ability to heal both the mind and the body.


And after witnessing this magic first hand, the idea for the Holistic Kitchen was planted and has since flourished.


The holistic home


I started taking a more holistic approach to skincare after experiencing a bad case of eczema during my first pregnancy. Shortly after my son was born he too developed small patches of the condition and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.


After a lot of trial and error, I discovered the household cleaning and skincare products I’d been using were the cause. Who knew household name products were so bad? I certainly didn’t, but I do now.


I stopped using off the shelf cleaning products and started to experiment, making my own using white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.


I developed a massage balm Pot of Wonder, which worked wonders (hence the name) on clearing our eczema and is now one of my most popular products.


An organically grown business


Holistic Kitchen has grown organically, just like our family.


I began creating my own essential oil blends during my second pregnancy and fell in love with making new scents. Did you know scent is our primary sense?


My mission was to create blends and products suitable for use during pregnancy - these are now my best selling products, including Magic Foo Mist, Nurture and Pot of Wonder. Magic Foo Mist was also shortlisted for the Mother & Baby awards 2020 too!


With over 30 products already added to the ever-growing range, we’re continuing to create essential oil blends and products to help you ease the impact of modern life and motherhood.


Scent, self care and natural healing


Anxiety, stress, burnout, anger and sadness… Life can be a lot. Thankfully, Mother Earth has the medicine we need - the power of essential oils - and I’ve been able to harness it for you to experience and enjoy.


Inhaling essential oils is a therapy in itself. It’s helped me through an array of emotions that come with motherhood, entrepreneurship and life in general.


Soothing inflammation, boosting mood, preventing autoimmunity and keeping you grounded, essential oils have the ability to trigger emotional and mental responses from the brain as well as physical reactions within the body.


You can use them in all areas of your life - to relax and sleep or to wake up and focus - and they can improve your digestion and help to clear and brighten skin.


I receive so many messages from customers saying how my essential oil blends and other products have helped them, from soothing inflammation and boosting mood to preventing autoimmunity. This is what drives me to create more blends and more products especially for you.


If you’re ready to float away and be uplifted with lovingly curated scents, you can click here to view the full product range and find your perfect scent.


Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I’ve loved creating them for you. 

With love,


Wanna know a bit more about my life before Holistic Kitchen and children?? 

Well, I was definitely more of a wild child! I wanted to do cool stuff and try new things...so I followed my heart and taught myself those things I wanted to try.

So here are three of many things, that I just went and tried because I wanted to, and ended up really enjoying.

At the age of 27 I wanted to learn to breakdance and be a B-Girl for a bit, so I did. Yeah I wasn't at Breakdance Championship level but still, entered a competition last minute at Leeds Uni, with a bunch of boys, called ourselves 'Last Minute Crew' and we won the battle!! I won a hat and a t-shirt. I still have the hat! (cheeky video here on Insta if you want to see)

If you know me you know I LOVE Drum and Bass, a lot. So when I got my student loan at 23, I bought some decks (oh I was so good with managing my money as a student 🤣) and taught myself to mix. And guess what, I'm now 42 and have just bought some more decks so I can rekindle my love for mixing DnB. I have over 200 now 'old skool' DnB vinyl too!

I've always wanted to be my own girl boss. After my textile degree in 2005 (Which I actually didn't finish because I went traveling) I started making bespoke hoodies and t shirts. I even made some and sold them in Cafe Mambo in Ibiza when I worked there for two months. I also made bespoke t shirts for a bar in Birmingham and was asked by the owner of All Saints (at the time) if I wanted to work there as a graduate placement, making t shirts for them. Unfortunately I had to decline that but I always wondered what if I'd had said yes!!?

So just a teeny little bit about me and a little insight into my life before becoming a mama and creating Holistic Kitchen.

I can say I have had the BEST time doing as many things as I could and wanted to do. Never let anyone or any thing get in the way of giving something a go. Just do it. Like Nike like to say.

I was recently interviewd for a YouTube channel too. You can watch this interview HERE if you like. x