Alchemy Aroma Diffuser

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The new Alchemy waterless Aroma Diffuser by Holistic Kitchen*


Small in size, powerful in scent. Experience self-care through the power of scent.

This sleek, portable device features innovative waterless nano-mist technology, effortlessly releasing the magic of aromatherapy wherever you go.

From the comfort of your home or office to your car, bathroom, or bedroom, let the Alchemy Diffuser wrap you up in your favourite Holistic Kitchen scent.

Choose a Holistic Kitchen blend to suit your mood, emotion and need. 

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    • Instantly fills any room with a magical aroma of your chosen Holistic Kitchen scent
    • Offers 3 timer settings and 3 intensity modes for tailored ambience
    • Wireless convenience means you can take it anywhere you like
    • Compatible with essential oils and fragrance 10ml bottles
    • The cartridge system enables swift scent changes
    • Waterless operation ensures hassle-free maintenance
    • Equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery
    • Powerful yet compact, suitable for various room sizes



    How do I use it?

    Simply take the cap and inner dropper off your chosen blend (keep these to one side if you still want to use the bottle of oil with the dropper in the future).

    Screw the bottle into the central part of the diffuser and off you go. 

    Can I use any oils?

    While I recommend our Holistic Kitchen Essential Oil Blends for their natural benefits, the Alchemy diffuser can accommodate both pure essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils.

    What are the benefits of waterless diffusers?

    Waterless diffusers offer several advantages. They can deliver a more potent scent without dilution, ensuring better coverage. Moreover, they prevent water build-up and stagnation within the machine. You don't need to have the diffuser on for as long as the scent throw is a lot stronger.

    How long will my bottle of oil last?

    My 10ml essential oil blends could last up to 100 hours on the lowest setting. 

    How noisy is the Alchemy diffuser?

    The Alchemy diffuser is relatively quiet and after a while, you get used to the quiet hum in the background. I use this in my children's room at night, it's not loud at all.

    Can this diffuser effectively scent a large room?

    Yes of course. For larger rooms, I recommend you have it on the longer settings.