Discover Scent Alchemy


Self-Care through scent.

Have you ever inhaled a scent and it took you right back to childhood, a memory of your past, or a certain emotion? That is the power of scent. 

Inhalation of Holistic Kitchen essential oil blends is one of the best ways to benefit from their wonderful properties. When we inhale essential oils, the highly sensitive cells in the back of our nostrils are stimulated which sends signals straight to the brain. We all need something to help get us through those tricky days. My essential oil blends act as that friend who helps you in times of stress and upset, like little hugs in bottles. 

How to find your perfect scent - 

Ask yourself, how have I been feeling lately? Is there something I would like from a certain scent? For example, are you been feeling stressed out and busy? If so then a calming scent is a place to start. Simply use the search bar at the top left of the website and type in keywords, like calm, anxiety, stress, tired, etc. This will bring up some suggestions to help point you in the right direction.

Feel free to contact me, Sallyanne, and I can also help advise and recommend some blends for you.


How to use these products:


The Essential Oil Pure Blends...

  • Use in your bath
  • Add to an aroma diffuser or oil burner
  • Blend with a carrier oil such as Ritual Oil for a relaxing massage
  • Inhale from the bottle
  • Put a drop on an aromatherapy bracelet
  • Add too drying balls in the tumble dryer.
  • Put a few drops into your unfragranced eco cleaner and use it as a surface spray. 
  • A drop or two in the loo after you have had a poo!


The Essential Oil Roller Blends...

These are designed to bring all the benefits of the pure oil blends but in a convenient roller. Roll on to you and your child's temples, wrists, and soles of feet any time of the day. Roll some into the palms of your hands, rub together, cup over your nose, and inhale three big deep breaths in and out.


The Wellbeing Mists...

Calm My Mind and Sweet Lullaby mists are perfect for keeping around the home, carrying around in your bag, and leaving on your desk at work. Simply spritz away when you need to bring some calm to any kind of environment. They also make any room or bathroom smell amazing!

What is your fave way to use your aromatherapy products?? Let me know as new recommendations are always welcome.