Aroma Diffuser Bracelets

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Aroma Diffuser Bracelets - Wear Your Scent

Experience the blend of beauty and well-being with these Aroma Diffuser Bracelets. Infuse your day with your favourite Holistic Kitchen blend or roller blend. Simply add a drop or roll onto the natural lava beads, massage gently, and let your chosen scent diffuse throughout your day.


Versatile Scent Options: Customise your fragrance by adding a drop of your preferred essential oil blend and top up when you need it.

Natural Lava Beads: These porous beads are perfect for absorbing and diffusing essential oils, providing a long-lasting scent.

Choose your stone

Rose Quartz - Embrace unconditional love and infinite peace with our Rose Quartz bracelet. Known for its ability to enhance self-love and purify the heart chakra, this gentle stone also serves to protect your energy, creating a shield of positivity and balance.

Amethyst - Harness the power of this protective crystal to reduce fears and worries while opening your third eye for heightened intuition. Amethyst shields you from negative energies, offering clarity, courage, and inner peace.

Tree Agate - Connect with the heart of nature Tree Agate. This grounding stone restores and balances your energy, fostering inner peace while soothing emotions. Symbolising growth, strength, and stability, Tree Agate encourages alignment with the natural world

Handcrafted Locally: Each bracelet is lovingly made by hand here in the Yorkshire Wolds, ensuring quality and uniqueness from Good Vibes By Gem 

Energy Cleansing: These bracelets have been saged by Gem to clear negative energies, promoting a positive and balanced aura.

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