Little Pick Me Up

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A reviving blend of lemon, peppermint, and lavender.

Do you need some mental clarity? Do you need help concentrating when your mind is wandering?

If so, then this is your blend!

Use Little Pick Me Up, to lift your mood and senses to give you that lift, so your mind can focus on what needs to do.


Body - Add 7-10 drops to 30ml of carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, and massage into your skin for an energising boost!

Mind - By using essential oils in your bath, you inhale the oils whilst the warm water evaporates them. Add 5-7 drops to warm running water or as an alternative, add 5 drops to 15ml of carrier oil for a nourishing soak. (take care when getting out as this may leave the bath a little slippery). 

Add a couple of drops to a warm face cloth after your shower, place the cloth over your face, and inhale the oils. Then wipe over your body, this will help revive your senses and give you a little pick me up!

Using the roller blend for headaches is best as it's already diluted with a carrier oil making it super easy to roll onto your forehead and carry around with you.

Soul - Surround yourself with this blend in your room by adding 5-10 drops to an aroma diffuser or oil burner. This is great for those days where you're really feeling life is a lot. Inhalation of this blend is one of the best ways to benefit from its wonderful properties too, so inhale from the bottle when you really feel you need a helping hand.

I always used to suffer from headaches, which made it so hard to get on with my work. So it made sense to create a blend that would ease my headaches and help motivate me at the same time.

Peppermint is super refreshing and really wakes up your senses, whilst stimulating the mind and increasing mental agility and focus.

Lemon helps you make decisions and improves concentration.

Lavender is calming, relaxing and a great stress buster, which is why I probably had the headache in the first place.

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Citrus limonum (Lemon), Mentha piperita (Peppermint)

*Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

 *Natural constituent of essential oils listed



Do not use undiluted on the skin.

For external use only.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

Suitable for children, but keep out of reach!

Suitable for pregnancy, from the second trimester, and breastfeeding.

Use the essential oil dilution guide when blending with a carrier oil.