Essential Oils for Menopause, Perimenopause and Hormones


Stress has had a massive effect on making my hormones worse, and know it's the same for many women. Whether it is perimenopause, menopause, or PMS we all need a helping hand to get us through those tough days when everything seemed a bit too overwhelming. You know those days, when hormones are so full-on, it makes you want to just stay in bed and hide away from the whole world? Yeah, you know those days right?

Easing stress will help reduce the impact of the hormones and that's where Holistic Kitchen essential oil blends come in. I have created some beautiful blends to help with our hormones and the emotions that arise for many of us. These blends will be the perfect accompaniment to have in your toolkit, to help when you are experiencing all the premenstrual hormonal rage, perimenopause, or menopause, and feeling all the big emotions.

Sleep can be distribute too, so having a blend to hand that will help you wind down and settle your mind will be super helpful! Snooze and Sweet Lullaby are a perfect duo! 

Having a scent to hand that you can inhale when you like, will really help take the edge off any mood, emotion and need.

Let's all keep talking about menopause and perimenopause too and keep raising awareness of something that happens to women! Follow these amazing women on Instagram who are the ones raising awareness and campaigning for us to be more open and talk about this important transition we women have been going through for years.

@cherryhealey - Pause and Listen Campaign