Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender


When we think of lavender, I'm sure the first thing that springs to mind is the calming scent that is perfect to get a great night's sleep. But did you know that Lavender has a wealth of other benefits for our health, skin, and overall well being?

Lavender has been used for medicinal purposes since the middle ages however the first documented use of lavender as a healing ingredient is actually much earlier, with reference to Spikenard (Greek for Lavender) in the bible. Throughout periods of history, and over each continent, lavender has been a key ingredient that has truly stood the test of time. Despite the Ancient Egyptians using essential oils such as lavender, it was French Chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, who discovered just how powerful and potent essential oils can be at the start of the 20th Century. It is now in the 21st Century that lavender has really risen in popularity with its versatility and heavenly scent that remains one of the most used essential oils in perfumes, aromatherapy, skincare - and even the cleaning products and fragrance we use in our homes.


What are the benefits of lavender?


The most popular use of Lavender essential oil is an aid for sleep as studies show that not only can lavender induce sleep for those who suffer from insomnia, but when utilised in aromatherapy practices, it can even improve the overall quality of sleep too. Due to it’s calming properties, it can also aid those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress. It has been suggested that Lavender essential oils can actually lower cortisol levels in the body, therefore reducing the stress hormone that can otherwise lead to health problems such as increased blood pressure, nervous disorders, headaches, and increased blood sugar levels.


We love utilising lavender within skincare as it is incredibly useful in treating many skin concerns on a range of different skin types. The calming effect lavender has on the senses also applies to the skin, as lavender is a great healer thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It will help soothe and reduce redness on burns, insect bites, and wounds, as well as aiding skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As it is also antibacterial, lavender is fantastic at killing acne-prone bacteria to help reduce breakouts before they appear and can soothe acne outbreaks by helping to reduce the irritation and speed up the healing process.


How can we use lavender?

We could of course keep listing the incredible benefits of lavender but in order to reap the benefits, you really need to know how to incorporate it into your daily life. Thankfully, we have some amazing products in our range that include lavender essential oils to enable you to get the most out of this beautiful ingredient.

Utilising Lavender essential oils within our Thalia aroma diffuser or lava-stone aroma bracelet is a great way to use essential oils in your working/living environment or on the go. We offer a range of pure blends that incorporate lavender, with our current favorite being Little Pick Me Up as it is a great mood booster during these unprecedented times (plus if you purchase our Thalia Aroma Diffuser, you also get a blend of your choice for free!). Our ‘Sweet Lullaby Pillow Mist’ may also be useful to spray into the atmosphere around you as a calming room mist for when you feel overwhelmed and is great to integrate into your bedtime routine to aid that good night's sleep and leave you refreshed and calmer when you wake.


Another great way of having lavender at hand is by using a pulse point oil or a temple balm so you can inhale the natural aroma - which is incredibly effective while practicing deep breathing and meditation. The majority of our ‘Pure Blends’ come in a ‘Roller Blend’ formulation so you can apply directly on the skin and the handy 10ml size means you can take it wherever you go. Our personal favorite Roller Blend is our newly launched Revive, as it helps to boost focus and concentration while also helping to boost our mood and make us feel happy. Our Breathe Balm is another effective product to rub on the temples and wrists to eradicate stress and can also relieve hayfever symptoms, coughs, and congestion on all ages including babies.

When it comes to skincare, we personally love our ‘Succulent Face Toner’ for this time of year as not only will the facial mist integrate seamlessly in your skincare routine but it is also great to spritz on irritated skin on the face and body to reduce heat-induced redness and generally soothe the skin. We also add lavender essential oils in our ‘Face Spa Cleansing Balm’ and ‘Skin Glow Face Elixir’ so you can really reap the benefits of lavender essential oils, on the skin and the senses, in both your am and pm skincare routine.


Do you enjoy Lavender essential oils in your day to day life? Let us know your favorite ways of incorporating it into your lifestyle.


 Written by Emma from Beauty Folio





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