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Discover scent alchemy with Holistic Kitchens bestselling essential oil blends.


Did you know, that the olfactory system is like your personal scent wizard? It's in charge of taking everyday smells and turning them into messages, memories, and even those cosy feelings we love. Plus, it's buddies with the part of the brain called the Limbic System.

Since starting Holistic Kitchen, I have learned so much and now understand much more about the art of creating a scent, and I am excited to share it with you. So if you're new to Holistic Kitchen or would like to add some more scents to your collection, this gift set is perfect!



Inside the beautiful kraft gift set, you'll discover a selection Holistic Kitchens bestselling essential oil blends valued at £175 plus free postage.

Calm My Mind


Natural Guard


Peace and Calm




Kindly inform me if you plan to include additional items for the box; otherwise, I'll pack each item separately.