Wintering Collection


For a Limited time, I am bringing the Wintering Collection Back - Pre-order to secure yours! Orders close at midnight until Tuesday 11th.

Even though it’s June, Mother Nature has decided to keep things cool, and I’m right there with you, bundling up in layers and winter boots. That’s why I’ve been enjoying my Wintering Blend in the Alchemy Diffuser because it just feels right!

Embrace the Weather with Wintering

While we wait for warmer days, let Wintering help you embrace the current chill. Add Wintering Pure Blend to your Alchemy Diffuser and carry that cosy feeling with you wherever you go.

For a quick pick-me-up, roll a bit of Wintering into your palms, cup your hands over your nose, and take three deep breaths. It’s the perfect way to breathe into the season while we wait/pray for summer to arrive.

Don’t forget to spritz the Aromatherapy Mist into the air to cleanse your space and mind. Enjoy the cosy vibes and make the most of this cooler spell!

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