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The Mini Cellulite Cup is made from non-toxic and odourless materials and does not contain BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates.

Use with Ritual Body and Bath oil which is an unfragranced blend of beautiful carrier oils makes for a versatile product that can be used by everybody, every day, in every way.

Although I do not promote cellulite treatments, this tool has worked wonders for shifting stubborn cellulite under my arms and is also great for aiding digestion when used on the stomach area.

Add Ritual with the Body Cup and save £6!

Comes with a tutorial card and a 100% cotton storage pouch.

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The cup creates negative pressure when applied over areas of cellulite, mimicking the kneading-rolling massage technique, which is highly effective in promoting the drainage of accumulated fluids, toxins, and lipids in cellulite.

By lifting the subcutaneous tissues, the lipids in fatty cells can be eliminated, and lymphatic circulation can be stimulated.

With patience and consistency, the Mini Cellulite Cup can deliver better results than even the most advanced machines on the market.

For Video tutorials, you can watch The Facial Cupping Expert HERE.


Don’t perform body cupping if you:

- are pregnant
- have a heart disease
- have a pacemaker
- take blood thinners
- have haemophilia
- have lymphedema.

Do not do cupping over:
- varicose veins
- sunburn
- skin wounds
- deep vein thrombosis
- recent injuries
- broken capillaries
- popliteal crease (behind the knee)