Stop putting too much pressure on yourself! January is a tricky one...

Citrus Synergy, January -

Stop putting too much pressure on yourself! January is a tricky one...

I don't know about you but after the hype and utter craziness of December, I find myself on a bit of a Christmas comedown!

Although still getting January motivational vibes, there have been glimpses of feeling pretty low too.

I'm sure I am not on my own with this. I know the kids are out of sorts whilst they are getting back into their routines.

Many of us want to start the year with setting intentions, healthy eating plans and goals. That's a great thing, but it can involve putting too much pressure on ourselves.

My goal is getting Holistic Kitchen website running with all my products before baby number three arrives around 5th March. 

I have 7 weeks.... So why, on my child-free day, am I sat here just looking at my laptop thinking, what the heck am I actually doing? Cue feelings of being overwhelmed.

I'm not procrastinating, or scrolling mindlessly through Facebook (well maybe a little), but why is it, that I feel stuck in a rut of feeling so overwhelmed that I don't actually use my time properly and instead, just stress about the amount of work that I need to achieve. #unproductive

With all that pressure we put on ourselves to get so much done in in small time frames, there is no wonder we end up crashing into a bit of an emotional state.

So today, I've decided to be kind to myself and just do what I can, which is better than nothing.

Today I've made my day better by doing the following:

Eat cake from Luna's 3rd birthday.

Inhale copious amounts of Citrus Synergy straight from the big batch bottle, which really helps to lift your mood.

Write down what I have to do, in order of importance.

Go for outside for 5 minutes.

Feeling better for even writing this down.

Google nice journal notebooks to write more things down in. (who doesn't love a new notebook)

My point is, when you're in an overwhelmed state of mind, stepping away from the thing you  are stressing about, will make you come back to it with fresh eyes.

I'm finally taking my own advice! I say this to my 5 year old little boy all the time when his Lego building isn't going how he would like and he gets upset.

Take some breaths, sit down, do something else for a while then come back to it.

It really does work. Give it a try this 2018. 

S x


















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