Meet Kerry & Matt from Yeo Well-being 

Meet Kerry & Matt from Yeo Well-being 

I first met Sallyanne at a day retreat, (long before myself or my husband became practitioners ourselves) where she spoke so passionately about essential oils and how they could be used, a little about what goes into making them and the meaning of the products names. But what really captured me, was Sallyanne’s passion for helping others through her practice and creations. 

What followed from that day retreat was really my first foray into essential oil blends, mists and then ultimately - natural skincare. I wouldn’t stray from a natural cleanser, face cream and oil these days.
Both myself and my Husband, Matt use the wellbeing mists, essential oils, balms and face cleansers from Holistic Kitchen. We find that using Holistic Kitchens products combined - becomes a bit of a calming ritual and possibly a bit of an addiction! There’s a couple of new products I have my eye on at the moment and quite simply, I cannot wait to try them! (The new face oil and the stolen focus essential oil blend).
Matt is a qualified Wim Hof Method Instructor, I, Kerry, am a qualified Sound Therapist, Forest Bathing Guide and Reiki Practitioner - although I don’t publicly practice right now. Together, we host sessions at our home where guests can experience an ice bath, group breathwork session and Learn the theory behind the method so that it can be practiced safely on your own. We also host sessions for existing Wim Hoffers to come and join a group breathwork session and take the plunge in our ice bath as this helps with the third pillar of the method and possibly the most important, commitment.
But what is The Wim Hof Method? The method is made up from 3 pillars, Breathwork, Cold Exposure and Commitment, Matt feels that commitment is the most important pillar, as without commitment, the benefits won't last. Having said that, you can always come back to the method if you have a break from it. We know ourselves, with busy lives, that sometimes commitment is tricky and we fall out of routine with the method, especially the breathwork. The Wim Hof Method is scientifically proven to reduce some cancer tumours and reduce or eliminate the need and/or side effects of chemotherapy.
Some of the benefits of the Wim Hof Method include, reduced inflammation, boosting of the immune system, building up mental and physical resilience to make you feel strong, happy and healthy. The method has helped our clients specifically with reducing skin cancers, fibromyalgia symptoms, stress and overwhelm, anxiety, depression, arthritis and aches and pains. But we know from our friends in the Wim Hof Method Group and from Wim himself and his findings, that the method can help with many more ailments and diseases. We're getting a bit technical and in depth now, aren't we! So we'll leave that for those that wish to learn more on our Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop.
Why did we get into the Wim Hof Method? I had lost my friend to cancer, she was only 29 and she left behind a beautiful daughter, aged 3 at the time too. I was struggling to cope and with some luck and a bit of determination, I ended up on a gorgeous retreat in Nidderdale, where one of our hosts was Katherine of Retreat Remedies. Katherine introduced me, through the power of Instagram, to Natalie and Jim of Root 2 Rise. Think Wim Hof Method, Sound Therapy, Yoga - but delivered by gorgeous souls, trained at the highest level, at source. With Nat and Jim, I, along with Matt attended a day retreat at The Acorn and quite frankly, it changed our lives, in fact, I would go as far as to say, that it saved my life. Since that day in June 2021, I haven't been depressed, have had limited aches and pains and I've been able to move forward with my life - instead of living in total despair.
Yes, I still have to put the effort in and it's not just the Wim Hof Method, It's Nutrition, Essential Oils, Yoga, Meditation and Nature - but without the knowledge I have gained, I don't know where I would be. The method has given Matt a clarity, vision and zest for life that he did not have before. He is no longer coasting and is the driving force behind a successful business, he faces challenges calmly with resilience, without worry and thanks the method for that. Not to mention the friends we have made along the way, in hosting sessions but also taking part in sessions and retreats too.
So whilst we don't live with disease ourselves, the method impacts us dramatically - but only when we keep up with the commitment pillar.
During our sessions we always have the relaxing blend of savasana in the diffuser to instil a calming environment. I also like to spritz the breathwork space with the Peace & Calm Wellbeing Mist.
First time ice bathers can often be nervous, but armed with knowledge and the calming environment we create for the sessions, we’re know from experience, that the cold will give you what you need, as it is your teacher and as Wim says - You are stronger than you think you are.
You can find us on Instagram @yeowellbeing and if you don’t see sessions advertised when you are able to attend, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist. Our sessions are monthly as we both work full time - so it’s important for us ourselves to practice the Wim Hof Method and at the moment, yoga, reiki and meditation as well as spending time in nature and using
Sallyanne’s products daily to keep us calm, focussed and relaxed in our sometimes hectic 21st Century World - we have to do what we can, right?
I tend to order our Holistic Kitchen products through Sallyanne’s website, but if I’m in Hornsea, I love to pop into The Marketplace at Botany boutique - where I can easily try the products and smell the different scents to choose new products I think will work best for me. It’s dangerous though as I rarely come out empty handed.

Holistic Kitchen products we couldn’t live without: It has to be the Peace and Calm roller blend for me and for Matt, Avocado and Tangerine Lip Balm.
Thank you for reading,
With love - Matt & Kerry

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  • Amy

    Thank you for sharing your story – I’ve loved reading your post Kerry. It was a fab experience when myself and Nick came for our Wim Hof session – we learned so much from you both and felt inspired and empowered.

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