My Tea Ritual....

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My Tea Ritual....

Who doesn't love a cup of herbal tea! My love for herbal tea began when I was at university in 2005. I discovered green tea, and my obsession spiraled from there!! 

I love the ritual of making a cup of tea. It's not just about pouring hot water over the tea bag. To me its a part of self-care for myself.

Firstly I choose which mug I'd like, preferably a larger one for herbal. Then I choose which tea Id like, which will depend on the time of day, my mood and how I am feeling at the time. This is why its good to have a choice of teas!! I have approximately 20 types of tea in my cupboard....I'm not kidding. You can't have too many teas! I mean I don't even own that many pairs of shoes!

When I go to a huge supermarket, which we don't have near us, I'm like a kid in a toy shop when I arrive at the herbal tea section. So recently, whilst staying at my friend's house, I discovered the most gorgeous tea, that she had in her cupboard.

Now I'm a massive fan of chai tea and have tried LOADS. But this particular one she had in her cupboard was Coconut Chia by Tea India. Just delicious and the beautiful packaging really caught my eye.

Since my first sip I was hooked, and I wanted to discover more about this beauty of a tea company I had just stumbled across.

When I went on their website, I was so excited to discover that they do a Peace & Calm blend as I also have a Peace and Calm Blend too. This got me thinking, about the similarities between blending essential oils and blending tea. And its really not that much different. What it comes down to is getting the quantities of fragrance and taste, to blend the perfect oil/tea to help you to enjoy for your mind, body, and soul. When you drink herbal tea, you also get aromatherapy, just like when you diffuse an essential oil blend in your aroma diffuser.

Taking time out, sitting quietly with my cup of herbal tea is on my happy place list. I can still enjoy a lovely cup of herbal tea even if I am surrounded by my three noisy children... in fact, Peace & Calm tea is my go-to tea in those crazy 'at home with all three children who are driving me crazy' moments. For me, essential oils diffusing away whilst drinking my tea really helps to create a little bit of calm in my life and that is what life is about. Finding those moments of peace and calm in between the madness.

Ingest the tea and inhale the oils.


Serious herbal tea drinker.

P.S. I am so glad I stumbled across this beauty of a company. Thank you for making such wonder unique blends Tea India x

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