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A pack of snot relieving products for the whole family - Breathe Balm. Little Pick Me Up Roller Blend. Natural Guard. Release.

Snot season is here, and for many of us, it means constantly feeling run down when your kids bring germs and bugs home from school or you catch a cold from everyone sneezing everywhere in the workplace. Plus there is that other thing flying around, that we are all trying to avoid getting - Covid. 

I have put together this winter essential pack of products that will naturally help support your immune system.*

Use the essential oil blends in an aroma diffuser, to your bath, add to Little Pot of Wonder to use them as a massage balm or add to an aroma bracelet to wear your scent.

Roll Little Pick Me Up, onto your wrists and temples to help give you a boost during your day.

Massage Breathe balm onto you and your children at night before bed when they are feeling bunged up.

When you use these products alongside practising self-care, eating well and reducing stress, they will really help add to feeling better, naturally.

For more information about each product click on these links.

Breathe Balm

Release Blend

Natural Guard Blend

Little Pick Me Up Roller Blend

Disclaimer - This product will not protect you from getting Covid-19 or any other illness. They are designed as an aid to help support your own immune system whilst you are taking other steps towards help protect you and your family against seasonal threats. 


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