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*Choose your free blend from the list below and write a note in the notes section at the checkout to let me know which one you would like. I'd you leave this blank I will surprise you with a blend x

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Birthing Blend


Calm My Mind

Citrus Synergy


Little Pick Me Up

Natural Guard

Peace & Calm



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In Greek mythology, Thalia, one of the three Graces, filled the world with pleasant moments and goodwill.  A daughter of Zeus and associated with Aphrodite, Thalia was known as the Grace of Blossom and for singing and dancing to Apollo’s divine music with her sisters.

The Thalia aroma diffuser from madebyzen® embodies grace and beauty with style and elegance.

Blending perfectly with any decor, the Thalia aroma diffuser is an elegant diffuser to add scent your living space by dispersing the fragrance of your choice.

It also boasts intermittent misting mode, ideal for using stronger scents or where extended use is required.

These mini “fountains” of water and fragrance eliminate the need for plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers, joss sticks, and room freshener sprays. Tap water and and a Holistic Kitchen essential oil blend, is all that is required for an instant aroma hit!

For a small carbon footprint, the madebyzen™ Aroma Diffusers enable you to create a truly zen-tastic environment.

The madebyzen™ aroma diffusers boast multifunctional benefits:

Aroma Diffuser – fragrances your surroundings healthily and effectively as no heat source is required, essential oils are not degraded.

Mini Humidifier – Hydrates and moisturises without creating condensation; ideal in today’s centrally heated or air-conditioned environments.

Air Purifier – Improves the quality of the air you breathe. As no smoke is produced – only a fine water mist; makes these diffusers ideal for any time or place.

Ioniser – Produces “feel good” negative ions.

The Thalia automatically shuts off when the water falls below a certain level, effecting complete safety and ideal for use around children or pets.


  • Auto shut off – added safety feature
  • Continuous & intermittent mist settings
  • Mini humidifier

Product size: 91mm x 256mm

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 12W

Water capacity: 80ml


Please write a note in the notes section at checkout, and say which blend you would like with your diffuser.

* Cannot be used with any discount codes


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