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Give the gift of sleep using nature's plants to help send you and your family off into a lovely slumber. This package is a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself! 

Ask most adults, parents or not, what they’d like more of in life, and I bet more rest and sleep are high on the list. Whether it’s young sleep thieves in your life keeping you awake, or your own racing mind, these sleep aids will help the whole family. The Snooze scent was created with my little boy in mind and helped him calm down at the end of a busy day.

I’ve created a range to suit you – whether it’s a Roller Blend to smooth into temples and feet, essential oil for massage or diffusing, or an atomiser to spray on pillows. These aids are a gentle, powerful part of any sleep routine, to combat insomnia or simply ease and relax into rest. They are suitable for both little ones and adults.

You can reuse the gift box to keep your skincare products in too!

In a beautifully packaged gift box, you will get:

Sweet Lullaby Pillow Mist

Snooze Roller Blend

Snooze Pure Blend

Avocado & Tangerine Lip Softener

Aroma Diffuser Bracelet (rose quartz or amethyst)*

2 x Tea Pigs Snooze Sleepy Tea Bags (apple pieces, chamomile flowers & lavender flowers)

Worth £75

*Bracelets will be chosen depending on stock levels at the time of purchase. Please put a note with your order if you have a preference.

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