Family Holiday Essentials


Whether you're staying in the UK stay or going abroad, Holistic Kitchen has your back for all your holiday essential needs...

Little Pot of Wonder for after sun and soothing you and your family's skin after a day at the beach.

Bug Off Blend to make your own spray to repel annoying insects.

Calm My Mind wellbeing mist will help keep you calm whilst parenting during the summer holiday.

Succulent Face Toner will keep you cool throughout the day while hydrating your skin simultaneously.

At the end of a long and busy day spritz some Sweet Lullaby Spray. This will help tired kids and busy adults wind down before bedtime.

Magic Foo Mist is an amazing antibacterial spray, which can be used on minor cuts and grazes. Also wonderful for pregnancy during the summer when everything is too hot, and this can be used to cool a hot mama down.

Travel Size Essential Bundle is perfect for taking all your favourite skincare products on holiday!