Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth

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Ditch the cleansing wipes and cotton wool and go green! 

These organic cotton muslin face cloths are 100% Soil Association and GOTS certified organic, completely unbleached and undyed, just the pure and natural colour of the cotton.

They are perfect for cleansing the face and removing make-up, with Face Spa Cleansing Balm and are FREE with every purchase of this balm too!

Use to place over your face when the cleansing balm is on, and inhale the beautiful scent.

Due to a double layer of organic cotton muslin, their netted texture gently exfoliates your skin whilst cleansing and are fantastic at opening up your skin's pores.

Why not try soaking the cloth in warm/hot water then laying over your face for a hot towel treatment - this is great for anyone with sensitive skin that does not want to exfoliate but works amazingly with the cleansing balm too.

Why not try adding a few drops of your favorite Holistic Kitchen essential oil pure blend, to the water?

Dries much quicker than a regular terry face cloth and is hence more hygienic and perfect for traveling.

If you follow the advice of what Google says, you should use a clean muslin face cloth every day, but these fab cloths can be rinsed and dried within hours!

It can be machine washed up to 90 degrees but some shrinkage may occur. Try washing at a lower temperature for a first few washes, then pull into shape when they come out of the wash.