25% Bank Holiday Sale 2023


As the school holidays draw to a close, it's likely that you're feeling quite worn out and in need of some personal rejuvenation. Treat yourself to the nourishing delights and enjoy a generous 25% discount on all individual Holistic Kitchen code HOLIDAY25 * during checkout.

For those who are seeking a bit of post-holiday self-care, our Ritual and Calm My Mind body oils are the perfect companions. These oils work wonders in keeping your skin well-hydrated and supple, which is especially important after your holiday adventures. 

As the kids gear up to return to school, consider fortifying your immune system with our selection of immune-boosting products. From Natural Guard and Release to Snug and Breathe Balm, these remedies are here to assist you in tackling pesky bugs, colds, and coughs that often accompany the school season.

If the challenges of the school holidays have left you feeling a bit off-center, why not explore the power of aromatherapy? Introducing new scents into your routine can make a world of difference. Try out Savasana for a grounding effect, Revive to enhance your focus, or Snooze to help calm a busy mind.

This exclusive sale event concludes on Friday, September 1st, at midnight. 

(*excludes gift sets, aroma diffusers. subscriptions and facial cups)